Apply for a Grant

Do you, your organization or municipality have a financial need? It’s never easy to ask for help. Help is what we’re here to do – help our youth play sports!

HAWKE Youth Sports Fund assists individual players by offsetting or, in certain circumstances, completely covering, the cost of baseball or softball registration. It also considers applications submitted by organizations and municipalities to offset the costs of programming, equipment, and even facilities.

To apply, please follow these instructions:

  • Individuals. Complete all required fields below, as well as:
    • Age
    • Household Income
  • Organizations and Municipalities. Complete all required fields below, as well as:
    • Website (if available)
    • Age (providing age of organization/entity)
    • Size of Organization (# of Youth Reached)

All information provided will remain confidential. However, by submitting information through this site you agree to its dissemination between directors of the Fund, any committee members associated with awarding grants, and the CFOS.

In the event an applicant’s awarded a grant, s/he or it must agree to the release of his, her or its name and, if applicable, the amount or purpose of the grant awarded by way of written or electronic means, including the use of social media. If the award involves one or more public or private ceremonies, press release or photo opportunity, the applicant agrees to attend same and permit the use of his or her likeness, or the likeness of its representative(s).


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