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Are you, your group/organization or municipality located in Western Orange County, New York, or Pike County, Pennsylvania? The HAWKE Youth Sports Fund was created to help you, your child, organization or municipality play or provide sports.

Who do we support, and how do we support them? 

  • Children – Grants paid directly to an organization that allow participation in the sport for one or more seasons (e.g., spring, summer or fall), depending upon the application and award. (Note: The charitable purpose of the Fund, and its parent organization – CFOS, prevent payment directly to an individual.)

  • Group or Organization – Grants paid directly to the group or organization based on the application made and the award provided. Awards may be conditioned upon proof of use for the stated purpose. Failure to apply funds for such purpose may disqualify the group or organization from future awards.

  • Municipality – Grants paid directly to municipality for project that will benefit youth sports in the targeted area. Examples of possible projects include field creation or maintenance, creation or maintenance of training facilities or apparatus, and installation of lighting at the field or complex.

How do you apply? 

We’ve tried to make the whole process simple. Ultimately, the easier it is to apply, the more accessible our program … and its reach.

To apply online, please Apply for a Grant.

Like what we do? Interested in donating your time? Talent? Treasure? 

It takes a village to raise a child. We aim to help your “village” offer sports to its children. Or give the young “villagers” an opportunity to play in general, or at a level that may have been otherwise out of reach because of cost.

Donating your time, expertise, knowledge, or money helps us help the kids. We thank you for anything you can do give these kids wings to fly … through sports! For more information about donating, please visit our Donation page.


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