Now the work begins …

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We’re very proud to announce that the HAWKE Fund is up and running.

Started with a vision of helping kids experience sports, both as a tribute to our friend, Lonnie Hawke, and his goal to see kids “just have fun” when playing sports, we approached the CFOS. Receiving a warm welcome and no barriers to accomplishing our goal, the Fund was created in about one month’s time.

Now the work begins …


Dear Lonnie …

On Thursday, July 19, 2018 I heard of your passing. I was at a baseball game with my son, which was fitting in some ways. It’s the sport that brought many of us together. It’s what we enjoyed, especially because of our kids and the others that cross our paths.

The news brought tears to my eyes, as it does today while I write. You were too young, my friend. You are missed.

Your passing sent a wave throughout the network of friends and family you’ve amassed. If you were worried about what type of legacy you’ve left behind, don’t. You were loved and respected. Will be for years on end.

And so we at the Fund – Mike, Brian, and I, with Beth’s guidance, are now left to face a world without your physical presence. That won’t stop us. Your spirit lives on.

We’ll be rolling out the application forms in the coming months to support Spring ’19 participants. Because of¬†donations from folks impacted by your life, or that otherwise wish to support the Fund’s efforts, our reach will grow. We’ll take them under our wing so they can “Play like a Hawke”!

Rest well, Lonnie!

Love is the most important thing in the world,
but baseball is pretty good, too. 

Yogi Berra

Lonnie Hawke Obituary_ Lonnie Hawke_s Obituary by the The New Jersey Herald_